Sunday, April 15, 2018

30 glorious years of KMWA on 15.4.2018

By the way, respected Members and well-wishers of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association. Today is the 30th Birthday of our KMWA. The first meeting of the Association was held on 15th April 1988 in Lodhi Gardens at 4.00 PM. On hearing about the meeting scheduled, the first person reached the venue even before us, the organizers, (Mohammed Kunhi, Haris PNP, Ismail Melady, KMA Rahman and I), was Mr. M. Nazeerudheen, so enthusiastic about setting up of a platform for all of us as there was none at that time.  It was also an irony that Mr. KMA Rhman, who suggested the Lodhi Garden Venue could not find out the location where we sat for the meeting for quite some time, remember the days when forget the mobile phones, but even the landlines were luxuries.  Mr. Abu Baker was the first President elected to lead this organization, supported by Mr. O Mohammmed, the Vice President in the second meeting held at Humayun Tomb premises a fortnight or so later attended by many members passionate to the cause.  The veterans who at their prime time thus gave their sweat and efforts for building up this organization are spending their post retirement period mostly in the comforts of our lush green Kerala after handing over the rein to the present office bearers to take the institution to the newer fronts and heights.

Three decades passed, summers and winters alternated, influx of Keralites seeking not only employment and livelihood, but also better education to this capital city has increased manifold.   Many number of organizations based on ideologies, politics and other considerations have also taken birth during these three decades in this National Capital and some of them working very well and catering to the society in general as well.  However, the common platform of KMWA despite all odds still remains to be the common platform with the added potential of its completed Cultural Centre, vigour and vitality of the programmes focussing health and education of the downtrodden sections of the society.  The Palliative Care mission for chronic patients, Basic Life Support Training for capacity building of the youth to support persons falling prey to cardiac arrests and other such eventualities, Quality Improvement Program of Madrassa Education whereby imparting modern education also to  the poor Madrassa students who are bereft of such education and employment opportunities etc are some of the key initiatives of this grand old organization looking ahead to remain as a shade and support for the society.      

So today, on this 30th Birthday of our organization, let us all once again introspect and understand our role for the society specifically and for the Nation building in general through our little efforts and contributions towards health and education of every human being who is deprived of it either socially or economically.   Let us thus discharge our social responsibility before ourselves first and God, the Almighty.  

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Monthly health clinic at Qasimul Uloom Madrassa by KMWA-HCW Volunteers on 25.03.2018

Monthly health clinic at Qasimul Uloom Madrassa by KMWA-HCW Volunteers on 25.03.2018

Health Charity Wing Members on action.. Snaps from the routine monthly clinic for Madrassa students.. venue: Neem Wali Masjid.  A total of 113 members availed the service.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

KMWA-HCW FAMILY MEET on 18th March 2018 in DMA Cultural Centre, Institutional Area, Sector 4 RK Puram, Delhi

Health Charity Wing, the potential Wing of KMWA with its multifarious social activities not only intervenes for public health awareness and action, but also effectively work for the downtrodden sections of the society.

The all youth members of this wing with their medical background of serving in AIIMS, JPN Apex Trauma Care Centre of AIIMS, Safdarjung Hospital and other Government and Private Hospitals and premier institutions in Delhi could pave a way in disseminating the Basic Life Support techniques to the masses through their training programs, which is a replicable model for others to follow suit.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Medicine Distribution for Madrassa students

KMWA-HCW Members on medicine distribution to the Madrassa students on follow up of the Health Clinic conducted for the Madrassa students on 12th November 2017 in Madrassas of Mehrauli, Delhi.

13 lakh kids in Delhi never go to any school - Laudable concerted efforts of KMWA-HCW for far reaching effects

13 lakh kids in Delhi never go to any school

Is it not a shocking news?  Education and Health, the two sectors on which the progress of humanity entirely depends are grossly neglected in majority of the States of India.  This has resulted the Country to remain in the bracket of developing countries though under developed pockets exist in many part of the Nation.   On this backdrop, the minimal services being provided by the Kerala Muslim Welfare Association through its Health Charity Wing is really laudable.  On the same lines of Scheme to Provide Quality Education in Madrasas (SPQEM) under the Ministry of HRD, the Association has initiated the program for poor Madrassa students way back in 2004 and still continuing now with the active participation of all the medical and para-medical professionals joined the Association with a banner of Health Charity Wing of the organization. 

The students of four Madrassas of the most neglected areas of Mehrauli have been selected for implementing the educational program by the group along with further value addition by way of taking care of their health, hygiene and social issues including nutrition, comfortable stay with appropriate clothing to escape the wrath of extreme climatic conditions of Delhi.   

Of late, the group has also started a Monthly Clinic to do the health profiling of these students to focus on disease prevention and awareness generation not only for the students, but also to the common public through them on long term basis.

The group has, in addition to imparting education on English, Science, Maths and life sciences, undertaking a number of other health and progression related activities like training in Basic Life Support including Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, First Aid Training on management of accident and trauma victims, creating awareness on hygiene, Road Safety etc. 

The group is also actively involved with DNipCare for rendering Palliative Home Care and OP Clinical services for suffering patients.  

A couple of hundred Madrassa students getting the light of education and health care is nothing but only a drop in the ocean.  However, it really matters for that even single student who might have been sent to this distant located Madrassas in the National Capital Territory of Delhi from the far away States of Assam, Bihar, UP, West Bengal etc just for the sake of reducing the burden of feeding many hungry stomachs back home.  So KMWA-HCW, continue the good work as a duty towards God and the future generations as even if these students reach nowhere, their progeny will definitely see the school steps and get  educated well because of your concerted efforts.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

KMWA-Health Charity Wing Conducted Campaign on Basic Life Support Training for Nurses during World Nurses Day Celebrations in LNJP Hospital, New Delhi on 18.05.2017

KMWA-Health Charity Wing Conducted Campaign on Basic Life Support (BLS) Training for Nurses during World Nurses Day Celebrations in LNJP Hospital, New Delhi on 18.05.2017