Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Annual Social Get-together for Communal Harmony & Iftar program

Annual Social Get-together for Communal Harmony 
& Iftar program

The Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi celebrated its Annual Family Get-together for Communal Harmony and Iftar program on 06th July 2014 in DMA Cultural Centre, RK Puram, Delhi which was attended by about 1000 people from all walks of life including the members of the Association. 

As always been, the association made it a platform for integration among different communities on the pious occasion of Ramzan fasting.  Shri TKA Nair, former Advisor to Prime Minister and an ardent supporter of social causes and organizations was felicitated during the occasion with a memento by the Chief Guest Shri E. Ahamed, former Minister and Member of Parliament on behalf of the association.

While felicitating Shri Nair, Shri Ahamed recollected all his contributions to the socio-cultural arena despite being in the higher echelons of the bureaucracy.

Shri Mohammed Faizal, Member of Parliament, Lakshadweep and other dignitaries from different socio cultural organization viz., Prof. Omcherry NN Pillai, Madhavan Nair, Kuttappan, MKG Pillai, IK Raju, Jimmi George, Purushothaman, AT Sainudin etc., graced the occasion and felicitated Shri Nair.  Shri KK Basheer, President of the Association presided over the function and Shri Mansoor Kattanam, Secretary welcomed the gathering.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

Awarding Meritorious Students who secured highest marks in 10th & 12th during 2014

Dear friends,

One of the main planks of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi is educational upliftment of the masses in general and Keralites residing in Delhi in particular.   Teaching English, Science and Mathematics to the Madrassa students of Bengali Market Masjid and Adchini Masjid on weekends is part of the Association’s efforts in this line. 

Further, the Association had been honouring the meritorious students among the children of our members, who secured highest marks/grades in 10th & 12th class final examinations all these years. 

In this line, we would like to request all our members whose children have passed 10th or 12th standard examinations and secured fairly high marks/grades during 2014 to forward the copies of their mark sheets for consideration of meritorious awards by the Association to the top two candidates in each category to be announced and given in any of the public functions after scrutiny of the marks. 

Please ensure to furnish the self attested copy of the marksheet to Mr. Abubakar, Executive Member of the Association during the Iftar function on 06th July 2014 or on any date before 31st July 2014.  Self attested and scanned soft copy of the marksheet can also be send by email to the Association in the email address: kmwadelhi@gmail.com.    Any queries in this regard can be made to Mr. Abubakar on his Mobile Number 7838867071.

With warm regards,

KK Basheer,(9810121238)
President, Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi,
Kerala Islamic Centre,
Behind Uttara Guruvayoorappan Temple,
Institutional Area, Mayur Vihar Phase 1,


Annual Family Get-together for Communal Harmony and Iftar Function


As it happens every year, the Kerala Muslim Welfare Association is conducting its Annual family Get-together for Communal Harmony and Iftar function from 5.00 PM onwards on Sunday, 06th July 2014 in DMA Cultural Centre, Institutional Area, Sector 4, RK Puram, New Delhi. 

A very good gathering of Association members, well-wishers and political and bureaucratic dignitaries are expected to attend the program. 

Shri T.K.A. Nair, former Adviser to Prime Minister, who is an ardent supporter of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi and soon leaving for Kerala to spend his retirement life there, will be honoured during the program.   

The Members of the Association who have not yet furnished their identity proofs are hereby requested to bring the photocopies of the same in order to facilitate the association to complete the official formalities with Registrar of Societies.   

With warm regards,

Mansoor Kattanam,
Secretary, Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi
04th July 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Felicitating Mr. E. Ahamed on his winning the election 2014 to Parliament

The Members of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi felicitated the re-election of Mr. E.Ahamed to the Parliament with a thumping majority.  Mr. KK Basheer, President of the Association presented a bouquet of flowers to the victorious Member of Parliament at his residence 9 Teen Murti Marg, New Delhi today, i.e., 20th May 2014.  Mr. Mohammed Ali, Mr. Ajmal Mufeed & Mr. Altaf also of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association joined the team to felicitate the senior Parliamentarian.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Legacy of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi started on 15th April 1988

It was on a Friday evening at 4.30 PM on 15th April 1988 when the Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi was established in its first meeting held in Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi.  A group of five people (KV Hamza, K Mohammed Kunhi, PNP Haris, KMA Rahiman and Ismail Melady) conceptualized the idea and worked out the strategy to form an association of the non-resident Keralite Muslims living in the Capital City of Delhi with the absolute objectives of just know each other, extending the care and support in personal and public life of the members, reaching out to the needy in case of diseases, accidents, supporting the downtrodden sections of the society etc. 

The first person waiting for us in Lodhi Gardens for the meeting was Mr. M. Nazarudheen of CPWD who heard about this endeavour and was more than punctual in those days when own vehicle like even a two wheeler was a luxury and the rapid transport system like metro rail was not heard of.  An irony was that the Mr. KMA Rahiman was the person who decided the venue for the first meeting, but unfortunately went round and round in the lengths and breadths of Lodhi Garden and failed to locate the group gathering and thereby missing the meeting. 

Some of the names of the 26 participants including the five original conceptualizers were: KV Hamza, K Mohammed Kunhi, PNP Haris, KMA Rahiman and Ismail Melady, Dr. Bahavudheen, Ex Principal of then REC, Calicut, Abu Bakar, Research Officer M/o Commerce, O. Mohammed, Executive Engineer of then DESU, M. Nazarudheen of CPWD, KP Mahmood, Dy. Dir. DGFT, PC Hamza the Publisher, Abdul Jabbar, the ex Airforce, etc., as I am unable to remember the names of all of them after long 26 years.  Those were the days when, forget about mobile phones, even landlines telephones at homes were also the prized possessions of the high or mighty only.  So communication was through the now forgotten poor postal service only, else calling the office number of members from public booths by inserting coins.  I still can vividly remember the days accompanying Mr. AVM Kutty to the public telephone kept in the External Affairs Hostel carrying coins in hand or making telephone calls from the Kashmeri Store, the provisional store at Gole Market to invite members for programs of the Association.  Computers were seen either in NIC centres or in computer education institutions only.  It used to be a real effort to make letters with the kind help of old and noisy Remington typewriters followed by electronic typewriters after few years that too mostly in the offices of higher officers in the ministries/departments only. 

Mr. PC Hamza wrote the minutes of the first meeting of the Association and an ad-hoc committee comprising President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and 6 Executive Members were unanimously elected to functionalize the organization.  Subsequent meetings, further developments and progress of the Association have gone through various committed and abled hands like, AVM Kutty, KM Jamaludheen, AR Kutty, KM Hamza, Shaikh Moideen, PP Abdul Rahiman, Dr. MM Kunju, MK Abdul Nazer, N Abdul Khader, Abdul Khalik PP, Abdul Salam, Shaikh Mehboob, Aboobacker Kunju, AM Basheer, AT Sainudin, as the stalwarts.  The current main office bearers of the Association are KK Basheer, Mansoor Kattanam & Anas as President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively with the active support of others and Executive Members. 

The organization started in the small gathering in Lodhi Gardens 26 years has now grown leaps and bounds and reached with its own foot strongly in the culturally fertile ground of this historical Delhi and acquiring 400 Sq. meter plot of land and constructing a 3 storeyed structure to be used as the Association’s office and Kerala Islamic Centre after completion of the work. 

Looking back to more than a quarter of the century, this organization still remains the common platform for not only Keralite Muslims, but also for the entire Keralites to look forward for shade under its leaves.  The ardent community and fellow feelings of great leaders like Late Janab Ebrahim Sulaiman Sait, Late Janab GM Banatwala, Late Janab PM Sayeed, Mr. E Ahamed, Mr. T.K.A. Nair, Mr. C.K. Menon, Mr. ET Mohammed Basheer, Mr. Yusuffali MA etc., have benefitted the organization in its growth and remaining as a non-partisan entity for the welfare and advancement of the downtrodden sections of the society. 
So we, the members of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to one and all who stood with us, walked with us, led us to the path of progress in this cosmopolitan and capital city of Delhi.  We expect the cooperation and togetherness from all of you always so that the Kerala Muslim Welfare Association can proudly stand as an icon of communal harmony and National Integration.