Monday, May 21, 2012

Infant of Anwar passed away....

It was yet another Saturday morning, when a call from Abubakar woke me up from slumber.  As expected, he told that I can say “Inna Lillahi vainna ilaiyi rajioon” because there is a death of an infant of Mr. Anwar, native of Ernakulam came from Dubai with his family to get his 5 month old boy treated in the famous Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.  Mr. Anwar does not have anybody known to him in Delhi and the news is through Mr. Basheer, the Spices person of Shalimar Bagh.   

Abu’s call was followed by Basheer’s call also.  What is to be done?  The parents are ready to bury their beloved son’s mortal remains in this historical Delhi, but would definitely like to visit his grave every time they come to this Capital city and hence want to locate an easily approachable graveyard.  Nizamudin was the place we could suggest.  Then it was telephone calls to and from every whose who of our Kerala Muslim Welfare Association, Delhi(KMWA).  

Abubakar and Basheer took the lead with the support of Markaz and our other good old friends in KMWA to discharge the duty, ‘farz’ of the last rites of this infant.   

The final telephone call at about 4 PM from Anwar who was going back to the airport with his wife and relatives empty handed after the colossal loss of their beloved child, thanking everybody for every support and concern they received in that fateful day of their life, still resonates in my ears with a silent prayer to God not to wake us up with bad news, with news of pain and desperation for anybody in this world.  

kv hamza,
19th May 2012

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

KMWA's Quality Improvement Program of Madrassa Education

KMWA's Quality Improvement Program of Madrassa Education 
in Bengali Market Masjid Madrassa, New Delhi

Classes are in full swing : Dated 13th May 2012
Teachers : Shafeeque, Rahees & Anees.
Coordinated by Mr. Hakeem Ponnani 
under KMWA, Delhi.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


The Executive Committee of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association in its meeting held today, i.e., 6th May 2012 in DMA Cultural Centre, RK Puram passed a resolution unanimously as under:

‘Of late there has been a spate of accidental deaths involving so many of Keralites working in different factories and other construction sites in the satellite towns of Delhi.  The association had been providing support to the bereaved families to take the mortal remains of their near and dear back to Kerala in these cases.  In this circumstance, it is pertinent to take up the matter with appropriate authorities like Ministry of Labour, National and vernacular newspapers, other audio visual media etc., to spread more awareness amongst the common people taking up jobs in the factories and other construction sites to strictly adhere to the safety standards prescribed for hazardous jobs.  The Government through its Ministry of Labour and other concerned organizations may enforce the safety measures in order to safeguard the young innocent lives having so many dependents at home waiting for their sole income.  

It has also been decided to revamp the Quality improvement Program of Madrassa Education taken up by the Association for imparting the knowledge of English, Science & Mathematics to the students of Madrassa in Delhi, by involving more University students to teach and more Madrassas to be covered in the current academic year.’    
With warm regards,

KK Basheer,
President, KMWA