Sunday, April 15, 2018

30 glorious years of KMWA on 15.4.2018

By the way, respected Members and well-wishers of Kerala Muslim Welfare Association. Today is the 30th Birthday of our KMWA. The first meeting of the Association was held on 15th April 1988 in Lodhi Gardens at 4.00 PM. On hearing about the meeting scheduled, the first person reached the venue even before us, the organizers, (Mohammed Kunhi, Haris PNP, Ismail Melady, KMA Rahman and I), was Mr. M. Nazeerudheen, so enthusiastic about setting up of a platform for all of us as there was none at that time.  It was also an irony that Mr. KMA Rhman, who suggested the Lodhi Garden Venue could not find out the location where we sat for the meeting for quite some time, remember the days when forget the mobile phones, but even the landlines were luxuries.  Mr. Abu Baker was the first President elected to lead this organization, supported by Mr. O Mohammmed, the Vice President in the second meeting held at Humayun Tomb premises a fortnight or so later attended by many members passionate to the cause.  The veterans who at their prime time thus gave their sweat and efforts for building up this organization are spending their post retirement period mostly in the comforts of our lush green Kerala after handing over the rein to the present office bearers to take the institution to the newer fronts and heights.

Three decades passed, summers and winters alternated, influx of Keralites seeking not only employment and livelihood, but also better education to this capital city has increased manifold.   Many number of organizations based on ideologies, politics and other considerations have also taken birth during these three decades in this National Capital and some of them working very well and catering to the society in general as well.  However, the common platform of KMWA despite all odds still remains to be the common platform with the added potential of its completed Cultural Centre, vigour and vitality of the programmes focussing health and education of the downtrodden sections of the society.  The Palliative Care mission for chronic patients, Basic Life Support Training for capacity building of the youth to support persons falling prey to cardiac arrests and other such eventualities, Quality Improvement Program of Madrassa Education whereby imparting modern education also to  the poor Madrassa students who are bereft of such education and employment opportunities etc are some of the key initiatives of this grand old organization looking ahead to remain as a shade and support for the society.      

So today, on this 30th Birthday of our organization, let us all once again introspect and understand our role for the society specifically and for the Nation building in general through our little efforts and contributions towards health and education of every human being who is deprived of it either socially or economically.   Let us thus discharge our social responsibility before ourselves first and God, the Almighty.  

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